Zoom Santa

Zoom Santa is the new, online answer to the question
“How can we bring our kids to see Santa this year?”

Zoom Santa

Parents and kids are all wondering if Santa will be in Ireland or in countries all around the globe this year. Of course, he'll be here on Christmas Eve but will we be able to visit him before the big day to tell him what we want for Christmas?

Why visit Santa when he can come to you?

  • A personalised Zoom call from Santa to your whole family. Our elves can deliver a small gift for all the wee ones for them to race off and find when Santa tells them where it's hidden.

  • santa icon

    Zoom Santa will know all about your kids and what achievements they've had this year. Imagine the excitement when Santa knows all about your family and your life.

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    A magical, personal Santa experience which the whole family will always remember.

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