We are COVID 19 ready are you!?

Like everyone, we are working and living in uncertain times. The past few weeks we have been looking at how we will move forward as the government begin to lift their guidelines and regulations in the coming months. This has led us to believe that our best approach moving forward is to focus on event services such as virtual events, a company’s entertainment needs and lastly catering deliveries of a Summer BBQ Box or Canape Box service to your staff’s homes and after the restrictions are lifted to your office.

Our Catering and Event Management Services

We have launched a wide range of services to help in response to the difficulties presented by the COVID 19 crisis.

As a business, we have adapted to our customer's needs.  Social Distancing has brought with it new challenges but zoom party has teamed up with the best caterers in the business and are trained and capable of adapting to the new restrictions set in place to combat the spread of this virus.

We are reaching out to our customers to advise them that it will be business as usual once the restrictions are lifted and that we have in place a team of trained professionals to assist cater for your business and event needs

We will work proactively to understand what is important to you and commit to providing high-quality food in a safe hygienically controlled environment coupled with an excellent customer service solution tailored to the specific needs in this challenging time we are in.

We would be delighted to discuss how we can make your event socially responsible and safe for your guests with our range of food and drink.

Catering Box
Catering Box
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