Due to the success of Zoom Party, we have now taken our online shows live. Tailor-made bespoke shows for your company. A great way to meet up and reconnect in person. Suitable for in-person, hybrid corporate events.

Not just any type of Hybrid events or online events though we want this experience for you to be memorable and different. Think high energy, think interactive entertainment and think fun! This is what we believe the Hybrid parties that companies and employees need right now. We want to help reconnect everyone for amazing remote team-building experiences.

If you are looking for live and virtual team building activities or looking for the best virtual events Ireland has to offer then you have come to the right place. We cater to all kinds of corporate events requirements from virtual conferences to virtual parties we will set you up with an amazing virtual event

We believe that high energy usual hybrid events and making everything interactive for companies team building activities is the best way forward so that everyone can enjoy in-person live at a venue and also from the comfort of their own home.

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